Shop And Dine In Tokyo With Kim Dao, Bronwyn, And Sharla

Kim Dao loves sharing her experience of Japanese life with the world. That’s actually the main reason she created her vlog channel. One great vlog to get a sense of what Kim Dao does on her days off in Tokyo is called, “An Evening in Tokyo, Japan | KimDao in JAPAN


At the beginning of this vlog, Kim Dao says she’s been working hard on editing her videos today. Although Kim Dao needs to get her work done, she really just wants to watch the show “Suits” and gossip with her friend Sharla. Learn more:


To help them focus on their work, Kim Dao downloaded the app Forest onto her phone. She says that every time you pick up your phone, the beautiful tree on the screen dies. Learn more:


Before Kim Dao heads out, Bronwyn stops by. Kim asks Bronwyn to do her eyebrow makeup before they all head out for some retail therapy.


In the next shot, Kim Dao is at a Pokémon Center picking up a cute Pikachu plush. She says she forgot her camera at home, so she has to use her iPhone camera for the rest of the vlog. Learn more:


Later, Kim Dao goes to a camera shop with Bronwyn and Sharla. They spend quite a bit of time looking at a Canon camera.


After a bit of shopping, Kim and her girlfriends are ready for dinner. They head out to Omotesandō Station to go to a new vegan restaurant called Pure Café.


Kim Dao orders a tofu ricotta and sage ravioli with a cream sauce. For a drink, Kim Dao buys a glass of apple juice.


On their way home, Kim and her friends pass by a piano store. Kim shows us an incredibly beautiful glass piano that costs $65,000.


Waiakea Water: The Truly Natural Bottled Water

Waiakea Water bottles are incredibly eco-friendly. They keep mother nature as their top priority, and the water bottling company definitely has the certifications to back that up, because Waiakea was the world’s first beverage company to be given the Carbon Neutral certification. In addition to receiving the Carbon Neutral certification, Waiakea runs their company with financial, environmental, and social responsibility.

Waiakea’s water reserve is able to produce the water needed for all of humanity to survive for a month. That being said, Waiakea only bottles 0.0001% of this water. This, coupled with the fact that 33% of the energy they use is renewable energy AND that 25% of that renewable energy is actually geothermal energy, means that Waiakea doesn’t have to worry about running out of freshwater or energy anytime soon. Furthermore, the bottles that are used to bottle the water are made from 100% RPET, which is completely recycled plastic.

Along with their great sustainability, Waiakea has been rated the number one best volcanic water bottle brand on June 2017, according to the website Their reasoning for placing Waiakea as number one is due to Waiakea’s ability to ship their water to multiple countries, not just the U.S.A. and Canada. This, coupled with their fast bottling process, guaranteed Waiakea to be rated the number one volcanic water.

Along with their recognition for being a successful bottling company, every bottle that is purchased funds the organization PumpAid, which provides more than 650 Liters of water to help developing countries that don’t have access to clean drinking water.

All in all, Waiakea is able to not only sustain itself as a company, but is also helping to sustain our environment and all those who inhabit it.