Dick DeVos and Equanimity

Dick Devos is without a shadow of a doubt a widely known American citizen. People who walk down the street in major cities know precisely who he is. People who hang out in smaller suburban and rural communities know exactly who he is as well. He’s not just famous in Michigan, either. Although Michigan is where he comes from, he has name recognition practically everywhere. People are more than familiar with him in New York, New York on the East Coast. They’re more than familiar with him in Florida, Connecticut, Tennessee, Idaho, Washington state and Hawaii, too. His public image is a cinch to understand. DeVos is an advocate for many topics. He’s a devoted philanthropist who has strong visions of what he wants out of the United States. He doesn’t accept things that don’t seem ideal to him. He’s aware of the power of betterment. He’s aware that he can do things that can encourage betterment as well. This man has forever been someone who has been enthusiastic about promoting goodness in this world.


DeVos’ wife is the United States’ latest Secretary of Education. She’s none other than Betsy DeVos. President Donald Trump holds her in significant esteem. His regard for her is so high that he actually made the choice to recruit her for her critical gig. DeVos knows that most people don’t get the chance to impact the nation and planet in the way that she does. That’s the reason she always displays the highest degree of gratitude. She’s not someone who ever behaves in a manner that’s ungrateful. She treats all people with pure and unadulterated respect.


It isn’t unheard of for people to think wrongly that DeVos and President Trump are perpetually on the same wavelengths. They wouldn’t necessarily be correct, though. President Trump doesn’t hold back from stating things that he believes to be 100 percent true. DeVos doesn’t, either. They’re both incredibly sincere and honest individuals. DeVos doesn’t act out when her thoughts don’t line up with Trump’s ideas. She does her best to promote an air of serenity and harmony. Harmony is a subject that DeVos knows up and down. She’s always been the kind of person who comprehends the gravity of fine behavior. Her etiquette is undoubtedly in a league of its own. She knows that emotions shouldn’t rule her behaviors. The people who see her consistently pick up on that.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is An Exceptional Business Leader

Top management executives know that one of their most crucial duties is management succession. They are also well aware that the process of coming up with the right candidate for the job is challenging. With these complexities, and multifaceted capabilities, and a myriad of nuances, it has become increasingly important for companies to pick the right person for the job. In the case of Banco Bradesco, choosing Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was not a challenge because not only was he qualified for the job but also committed to the cause.

About Banco Bradesco

Banco Bradesco SA is an international bank that offers banking as well as financial products. The firm operates in different segments including pension, insurance, capitalization, and banking. In the banking department, the firm handles small, midsized as well as large companies. On the other hand, the insurance department handles bonds and pensions including health and life insurance. With that said, for decades, Banco Bradesco has enjoyed its share in the market as a leading financial services provider in Brazil. After serving for these decades, the bank faced a couple of challenges that required the input of an experienced leader. At that moment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was serving in various departments. However, he first served as a clerk. But that did not stop him from venturing into various beneficial projects that would later see him grow into a marketing director and president of the insurance department.

Trabuco’s Reign

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco started serving as the president Banco Bradesco’s insurance department, the pensions did not favor most clients. But with determination and sheer resilience, he managed to shift policies to benefit clients. At first, the move seemed somewhat odd until when it started working for clients. In 2009, Carlos was elected to serve as the president of the company. His roles included overseeing the operations of the management and developing viable work policies for clients. For the time he served, he became a force to reckon with for most people in the industry. Over the years, he even introduced the bank to the media thereby making Banco Bradesco famous. Today, Banco is a successful bank because of the leaders it chose in the past, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco tops the list of some of the revolutionary leaders.

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Drew Madden and the Changing World of Healthcare

Drew Madden has long been one of the biggest movers and shakers in the Healthcare IT game. Educated at the University of Iowa, he cut his teeth at Cerner Corporation. There, he helped find new efficiencies in inpatient services. Later, Madden became a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

At Evergreen, Madden has helped build a winning team. Using the skills he honed at Cerner and Nordic Consulting Partners, he’s found ways to bring in the right people and keep them happy. Drew Madden is known for his clarity of thinking, and he recognizes that quality in others, too.

As the pharmacy industry changes, Madden is taking a careful look at the way IT operates there. Big players like Amazon are moving into that space for the first time. They will need to implement new procedures to ensure privacy and HIPAA compliance. Drew Madden is experienced when it comes to helping providers develop new tools for ensuring compliance.

Another big retail pharmacy, CVS, is also in a big expansion phase. Recently, the corporation took over Target’s pharmacy business. CVS is also rumored to be getting into the insurance side of the business. In some ways, this could make things easier for consumers. If CVS is your in-network pharmacy, you’re in luck pretty much everywhere you go.

But again, they will need new tools to ensure that they’re managing everything in accordance with privacy laws. They’ll also need to be prepared for a huge influx of medical records. The company will need scalable systems in place to handle a much bigger volume of files than ever before.

Drew Madden is always intrigued by movements in the healthcare space. Since starting his career, he’s been witness to expansions and contractions in the industry. Whatever happens, he and Evergreen Healthcare Partners will be ready with a working solution. Madden always finds that he has what it takes to help improve the Healthcare IT landscape.

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One World-Class Athlete Gives Back By Running A Marathon To Raise Money For The Sightsavers Organization

In a recent blog post on the Sightsavers website, noted judo expert Ben Quilter offers some insights into what it takes for a person with a sight condition to train for a long-distance running marathon. Because of a rare sight condition named Stargardt disease, Ben Quilter’s vision is limited to peripheral views only.

As a participant in the 26-mile 2018 London Marathon, Ben Quilter was running to raise money for the Sightsavers eye health organization. The champion judoka became inspired by people living with blindness and other vision problems in less-privileged, challenging situations. Being a Paralympic bronze medal holder with prior marathon-running experience, Quilter knows the value of pre-marathon training. Due to a previous knee injury and diminished eyesight, he has minimized road running time and had to learn other forms of exercise.

Although he found that running in the 2014 London Marathon was a painful experience, Ben Quilter learned that by digging deep and pushing, the sense of achievement that was gained made it all worthwhile. Having the opportunity to raise money this time for such a great organization as Sightsavers makes running in the event even more important. The training tips that Ben Quilter utilized when training to run for Sightsavers fund raising could easily be used by many people in everyday life. Having a weekly plan that is consistently followed and not making excuses for putting-off training are crucial.

Even if a person is struggling when they first start out with their endeavor, they will ultimately feel much better if they keep going, says Mr. Quilter. Embrace challenges, don’t take short cuts and don’t quit when circumstances become difficult. Another thing that Ben Quilter thinks is important is staying hydrated and eating good, healthy foods. It is this judo champion and marathon runner’s belief that fueling the body and taking care of oneself are integral parts of the training process.

Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey was born on September 26th in the year 1959. Michael is an American mathematician. In the year 1987, Michael got his doctorate from the University of Illinois located at Urbana- Champaign.


He received it under the direction of Walter Phillip. He had carried out a thesis in the probability sector. Michael Lacey carried out his argument at Banach spaces. His thesis brought about the solution of the law of the iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions.


His mathematical work has affected a significant number of areas in mathematics including the ergodic theory, harmonic analysis, and probability. Firstly, Michael Lacey held his postdoctoral positions at two universities namely the University of North Carolina that is located at Chapel Hill. He also held it at Louisiana University.


While working at the University of North Carolina, Walter Phillip and Michael Lacey produced a proof of the nearly sure central limit theorem. From the year 1989 to the year 1996, Michael also owned a position at the Indiana University.


Still, on the position at Indiana University, Michael got a postdoctoral fellowship on National Science Foundation. On the term of this fellowship, Michael Lacey started a study of the bilinear Hilbert transform.


During that time, the bilinear Hilbert transform was the subject of the conjecture that was produced by Alberto Calderon. Christoph Thiele and Michael Lacey solved it in the year 1996, and later on, the duo was awarded the Salem Prize.


Michael Lacey boasts of 20 years of practice as a mathematics professor at the Georgia Institute of technology. Michael Had a joint work with Xiaochun Li, and through this collective work, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship in the year 2004.


In the year 2012, Michael Lacey joined the American Mathematical Society. Moreover, Michael enrolled in the Georgia Technological Faculty in the year 1996. He has been accredited severally due to his research including the Simons Foundations.


Michael Lacey has been a director of many training grants including the MCTP Awards from the NSF and VIGRE. These grants have been in support of the postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students. Michael has been an advisor to many undergraduate students pursuing the graduate programs.


Additionally, he has mentored over ten postdoctoral and his Ph.D. students have succeeded to industry and academic jobs.

Kamil Idris Projects the Economic Future of Africa

Professor Kamil Idris’s of the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, wrote on the economic improvements and persisting challenges in Africa, noting that while the Arab Spring and plummeting oil prices have made economic expansion difficult for many African countries, the majority of the continent has seen grand improvements on technologies, urbanization, and even a 5.8% GDP per capita growth rate in the generally more impoverished Sub-Saharan Africa.


Professor Idris’s suggestions for improving and surmounting the current growth are to integrate better intra-regional trade and perhaps accept the proposed intra-continental currency, to establish a Continental Free Trade Area, and reduce, if not eliminate, the tariff border.


While Professor Idris did comment on the technological advancements throughout the continent, he does reference the necessity for investments in the energy grid. As Dayo Ogunyemi mentions in his TED Talk, the infrastructure needs the most attention, referencing consistent loss of energy, lack of access to water, inability to access schools and hospitals. “You can’t put the self-driving cars before the roads,” he states. Idris agrees with the comment that, “It should go without saying that it is imperative to invest in education and urban planning.” Though both present a perspective on the economic future of Africa that is still inspiring.


Professor Kamil Idris, born in Sudan, studied extensively across the globe, receiving two bachelors, a masters and finally a Doctorate in International Law from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. In 1982, Idris joined the WIPO as a member of the International Law Commission. The World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, aims to provide protection to the intellectual property (ideas, innovations, creativity) of individuals through ways of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and copyright. Idris quickly gained the attention of the organization who would elect him Director General in September of 1997, during which time, Professor Idris focused on making the organization more transparent, modernizing the management strategies, improving the outreach, and improving IP law.


Professor Idris’s final comment on the economic future in Africa challenges governments to learn to cooperate so that, “All African nations [can] prosper together through fairer practices and transparency.”

A Less Than Secure Internet: William Saito to the Rescue

Not many of today’s programmers can say that they created their first sellable code when they were ten. In fact, most can only say they have spent countless hours writing, scripting and debugging codes just to have them fail miserably; and this is from supposed expert programmers. So if you want to hear about how one child took it upon himself to save the cyber-world from attack, then read further about how William Saito came to the rescue of the modern internet before it was even cool to break it.


At an incredibly young age of ten, William Saito created his first program which he then developed into a company when he was half-way through college. He was an eager learner who began his journey trying to break the copy protection code of other software programs. He found it to be one of his greatest challenges at the time. After battling what he saw as his own weakness, he persisted, and learned all that he could about this country he called home, its people, and its language. His parents emigrated from Japan and though he struggled with the English language while he was in primary schools, he soon won the fight against stigmatization and withdrawal to become an avant-garde thinker in the realms of computing and cyber-security. While in college in 2000, he sold the company he created, I/O Software, to Microsoft and began to involve himself in public policy and consulting for high-risk entities in need of a knowledgeable partner with skills to defend vulnerable assets.


He worked with Japan after a massive earthquake and tsunami tore the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant apart in 2011. His experience in analyzing and interpreting high-value datasets through computerized calculations earned him high regard from teams of researchers, activists, and policy makers both in Japan and the United States. His work with big companies, governments, and policy makers did not end there. Merrill Lynch found a value in the programs that William created too. So much so that they offered him a job to script codes that would model the stock price of a particular market mover prior to offering it to their clients. His efforts did not go unnoticed and the customer was always better off for it. The work the program does is sometimes more effective than the person writing the code and when William Saito wrote code, it always worked.


Today, the technologies we use every day are learning how to run more efficient, faster, and with a higher level of security than before William Saito started back in 1974. The new adversary is the same as the old one and both center more around security than content. William Saito develops his programs, company, and code into what they are today, a truly sensory driven environment that relies heavily on biometric data organized and polled through the codes of William Saito’s newest endeavors, biometric sensors. Today we live in a world where online and off-line security may be the last bastion of personal space, especially if you are able to keep your identity free from attack or from being assumed by someone else.


William Saito is one of the world’s great minds and he will continue to hold that role until the programs he created and the technology he developed are no longer in use.



Focus on Robert Deignan Entrepreneur

Growing up in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area Robert Deignan graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School; a private Roman Catholic preparatory school. Upon his graduation in 1992, he began pursuing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana which he received in 1995.

With his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and his skills as a marketer, in search engine optimization, e-commerce, and business start-ups, Robert Deignan became a co-founder of Fanlink Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from July of 1998 to March of 2001. From June of 2002 to June of 2011, he served as Vice-president for private Boca Raton based computer software company called iS3 Inc. This company provides businesses and customers products that optimize their computers while ensuring their internet security and giving custom technical support. With 11-50 employees, iS3 Inc specializes in areas of Online Security, AntiVirus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Spyware, Software, Consumer Security, Security Software, Technical Support, Malware Removal and PC-Tune -ups.

Since August 2011, Robert Deignan presently serves as co-founder and CEO of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area-based company ATS Digital Services, LLC. Formerly called Inbound Call Experts, this company, also known as Advanced Tech Support, provides their customers technical assistance through screen sharing and assistance over the phone. ATS Digital Services helps customers with problems such as a slow computer, faulty network connections and other technical issues as well as digital data storage. This company works with devices such as desktop and laptop computers, home device connections, tablets and other mobile devices. ATS Digital Services provides truck roll services for their customer’s homes and businesses. This service offers hands-on services such as television wall mounting, speaker system setups, and other services. In 2016, ATS Digital Services was the first call center to become certified by the cybersecurity and app company AppEsteem. This company, founded in 2016, is led by experience cybersecurity experts and ensures the safety of software.

Other than his duties as CEO and founder of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan spends his free time participating in fishing and boatbuilding competitions and tournaments.


Michael Lacey Works as a Math Mentor

Michael Lacey is a math prodigy. He knows things about math that other people might not know and he’s really good at what he does. Since he knows so much about math, he feels good showing people the techniques he knows. As a teacher, he gives people a chance to try different things and that helps him see what he can do to show others they have a chance at a better future. For Michael Lacey, the point of doing all this is making sure everyone knows what they can do. It’s also something that helps Michael Lacey see he’s the best in the business. There are things that make sense for Michael Lacey that might not make sense for anyone else because of the way he works on different opportunities. Between the hard work he puts into things and the experiences he offers other people, Michael Lacey shows confidence in the opportunities he has.


There were times when Michael Lacey had to make sure people were getting a positive experience. Michael Lacey knew what it meant to keep giving back and keep giving everyone a chance at a better future. Since he’s a mentor and knows what he’s doing, he feels good about the options he can give people. He also feels there are things that will continue changing so he keeps following and learning new techniques he can give to the people he works with. For Michael Lacey, the opportunities he has are the best things about the business and the best things about teaching math to others.


Even though Michael Lacey knows there are things that will help him show people the right way to do the math, he likes learning about them on his own. If he can show people what they need to get from different opportunities, he can keep giving things back to others. There’s a good chance he can make things better and the opportunities he uses allow him to keep showing people what they need from different situations. It’s also how he plans on giving people the right chance at doing math properly no matter the issues they might face.

Heal N Soothe Promotes Pain Relief in a Natural Way

People often spend so much time trying to get relief for their pain, they stop focusing on the things they’re doing and begin looking at ways that are relatively unhealthy for them to cope with the pain. Heal N Soothe wanted to change that and make it easier for people to get the solutions they need without worrying about all the problems that came from using the supplements. The company also wanted people to realize there were options they could take advantage of that would allow them to continue getting better no matter what issues they had with their joints.

If people began taking a natural supplement, they may be more likely to focus on other things that were healthy for them. The creators of Heal N Soothe saw this as their way of making things easier for all the people who used the supplement. They also saw it as something they could do that would allow them to have an impact on the community. The more people who saw it done naturally, the more people who would try to make sure they did everything the right way while getting better.

There were times when Heal N Soothe had to focus on making things better for their customers. They knew there were things people were looking forward to and that was a major part of the way they did business. Since they felt good about their supplement, they felt good about offering people a chance to try it no matter what issues they faced or what they had to deal with to make things easier on themselves. It was their goal to always show people they could get more from the supplement and from living a life that focused on healing the natural way.

Out of everything Heal N Soothe does, they know how to give people the options they need. They also know what it takes to give attention to the issues so many people face. If they’re able to make joint pain feel better, they have the ability to help reduce other types of pain. Since Heal N Soothe is just a supplement and the FDA hasn’t reviewed it, there is no guarantee it will work. The reduction in pain is a result of the changes to their bodies with Heal N Soothe.