There are so many things that define Wes Edens. The most prominent one is being a founder of Fortress and being involved in the private equity division of the firm. He has shown the world his capacity to deal with complex situations while at Fortress. Wes has also taken an interest in sports. He purchased Milwaukee Bucks with Marc Lasry in 2014 and owned FlyQuest, which supports eSports.

Wes Edens’ success in this field has led him to move to bigger fish. He has staked his investments on Aston Villa Football Club, which is very promising. For some time, the club participated in the Premier League, a very prestigious and competitive league. To understand how serious, only 20 teams play at a time and in case a team’s performances degrades, they are replaced in the league by other performing ones. This has made the premier league exciting, and the most followed league in the world.

In 2016 however, Aston Villa succumbed to its struggles to recover from bad results and finally got kicked out of the league. The club has battled its way up but unfortunately, the seasons have not been kind. It lost the championship league playoff which affected their chances to make a comeback in the premier league. Since the opportunity still exists, Aston Villa views the support of Wes Edens as a motivation to get back their glory.

Edens in conjunction with Nassef Sawiris has invested in the club through their joint venture the NSWE. Sawiris is famous for his investments in LafargeHolcim, OIC NV and Adidas. He has also appeared in Bloomberg’s billionaires’ list. The two have roughly invested $39 million, and the English soccer league has approved this purchase. Wes Edens and his colleague own 55% of Aston Villa team.

The move by Wes is not new as other teams have been bought by investors seeking to make the sport better and makes some profit at the same time. Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United have been at the same position as Aston Villa, and they have landed in the hands of foreign investors.

It is a new day for Aston Villa as Wes Edens, Nassef, and Xia, the owner of the team start working together to change the team’s misfortunes.

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Alex Hern To Push Technological Innovation Behind ‘Tsunami’

The entrepreneurial world of technology is one of the fastest moving and most demanding sectors in the world. In order to simply keep up with the rate by which change is coming, entrepreneurs have to not only be ahead of the curve, they must be far beyond it. Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years now and his career has spanned a variety of different companies and fields. Mr. Hern is most well known, at the time of this writing, for his work as the co-founder and Director at Inktomi Goldman Sachs’ IPO (INKT). INKT was used to power MSN, AOL, and Yahoo. Now, Mr. Hern is putting his focus on a new venture, Tsunami.

For Alex Hern, Tsunami was born after he came to the realization that software and hardware platforms were going to be necessary for the new era of GPU-driven performance. Hern believed that it was important for software and platforms to exist that could take advantage of the new graphics processors being developed every year for PC’s, mobile devices, and even our telephones. While this is an incredibly complex and crowded field, Hern has managed to find a way to make it work for him and it is all about how he approaches his entrepreneurial life. For Hern, he’ll typically spend up to 5 hours a day focusing on a singular task.

Hern believes that, while useful, multi-tasking is largely a problematic facet of the entrepreneurial world. Hern believes that multitasking only serves to denigrate the projects that you are working on, thus his single-minded focus. Still, that doesn’t mean that Hern is all-work all of the time. At night, Hern likes to spend his quiet hours researching trends that excite him so that he can push new concepts with his businesses. This kind of ‘work’ is both relaxing and effective. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Hern knows that he has to pay attention to what’s around the bend. For Hern, the most exciting trend going on in the tech world is artificial intelligence and machine-based learning, which he figures will be a huge part of the world for years to come.

Organo Gold Adds to the Latest Wave of Coffee Culture

Coffee culture has been a part of life for the people of the U.S. since the 1800s, but the latest entrant on the coffee market is making a splash on a global scale. Organo Gold has created a range of coffees, teas, and cold beverages from their base in Canada, but the impressive impact on the people of the world is the use of the Ganoderma extract. This mushroom-based extract has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and is known for its power as an antioxidant.

The current trend in coffee culture is the third wave of the evolution of the beverage which has developed from a single flavor to millions of different flavors. Enthusiasts have created their own blends of coffee and look to source the most impressive beans from across the planet. One of the reasons for the success of the evolution of coffee culture has been the development of the coffee belt, which has been growing due to the changing climate of the planet. The traditional coffee producers in the world, including Costa Rica, Brazil, and Columbia have been joined by a number of new producers aided by warmer days and cool nights enjoyed by coffee plants.

In the first stages of the growth of Organo Gold, the company has focused on the development of coffee processing. A new wave of products is now being created with Ganoderma extract as the main ingredient; among the products being created by Organo Gold is a range of personal care options including toothpaste and soap. The development of these products feeds into the lifestyle of coffee culture including a range of add-on products.

How Madison Street Capital Have Changed the Middle Sized Companies to Global Giants

Madison Street Capital is an investment advisory company based in Chicago and has an excellent reputation in the industry. They have specialized in helping the middle market firms towards realizing their potential and also with their financial transactions. They are always committed to integrity as well as professionalism in the industry.


The company started with just a small office in Chicago, but today, they have managed to become a multinational banking company which has several offices in Oregon as well as Ghana and also India. They are currently working on more branches within the United States and other continents across the whole globe. Through the offices, they have been able to open investment doors for middle-sized companies. They came at a time when companies of their caliber focused their attention on significant ventures and thus leaving small companies with a considerable gap.


Madison Street Capital has a wide range of activities in their offices that have made them remain relevant in business. They are mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy services, designing of effective exit strategies, private advisory services, matching sellers with buyers as well as tax compliance. They have successfully worked with some clients in the industry who have made them reap significant benefits. They are Fiber Science, Lowa Energy as well as Bond Medical Group.


Madison Street Capital has a team of executives who have decades of experience in handling clients in the areas of financial reporting, price allocations, business valuations and assets management. They also have a specific division that offers tax services as well as wealth preservation for their clients.


Some of the latest transactions they have been involved were the leaseback and the sale transaction of WLR Auto Group. The value of the deal was $13 million. The company’s indulgence promoted a smooth operation that helped the company continue with business as usual.


Madison Street Capital was the idea of Charles Botchway who is the company’s founder and also the chief executive officer. Anthony Marsala who acts as the chief operating officer has also contributed a lot towards making the company a global giant. He has managed to be listed in the top 40 under 40 competitions because of his input at the company. He received the awards from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The award benefits individuals who have succeeded in the fields of business valuations, financial forensics as well as mergers and acquisitions. He defeated 125 nominees.


Madison Street Capital reputation has also grown because of their dedicated customer care services. They have always believed that customers are their bosses. Their team of customer care assistants is well trained when it comes to handling clients matters. They have a record of maintaining their customers, something that has always been a challenge for many people.


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The Deal with Equities First Holdings

The option when it comes to finding good loans for businesses loans are nearly limitless. There are several companies and banks that one can look to if they need quick help and quick solutions that will aid them in whatever financial crisis they may be dealing with. Some give better offers than others but one large company that many go to consider if they need quick money fast would be Equities First Holdings. This company is used by many business owners across the world and either helps them with providing the money to start up their business or to simply provide the money after their business skyrockets in success but later needs financial help. Though people within the business or with a business mindset look to this company, many average day people will be able to use this business if they pay if off.

Francisco Domenech Is a Prominent Democrat in Puerto Rico

Francisco Domenech in San Juan in Puerto Rico on 29th April 1978. Domenech spent some part of childhood and adolescent years in Ocala, Florida after his education in Blessed Trinity Catholic School and Forest High School.

Francisco Domenech is a prominent youth activist. He is also the President and the founder of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats. He was elected as the Vice President for the Development of Young Democrats of America in 2005. In addition to this achievement, he also became a member of the Democratic National Committee in July 2007.

The Clinton campaign was very impressed due to the support that they were guaranteed Kenneth McClintock, the President of Puerto Rico Senate and the Democratic National Committee and endorsement from Francisco Domenech who serves as the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly. Visit Francisco Domenech at SlideShare.

In his statement, Hillary Clinton stated that he is impressed by the support that he obtained from Kenneth and Francisco. She also noted that she is looking forward towards their contribution in the campaigns that are meant to bring some changes that are critical to America.

Francisco Domenech is recognized as the prior superdelegate to Democratic National Committee in 2008 and 2012. This was after he became the National Committeeman for the American Young Democrats. Francisco Domenech was a campaigner for Hillary in 2016. Domenech worked among national co-finance chairs which drove the Ready for Hillary campaigns. He is currently serving in Hillary Finance Committee. He has been the spokesman in the Puerto Rico campaigns, Francisco Domenech recently had a beer with Bill Clinton, former US president in Puerto Rico. He is also in support of Republican for Congress. Jenniffer Gonzalez took over the rank for the chairman of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico. Later on, she registered himself for Pro-Statehood Republican candidate. Visit:


Hussain Sajwani Believes As The DAMAC Owner: To Promote Corporate Responsibility:

In 1983, Hussain Sajwani began the catering business that is today known under the branding of Global Logistics Services. This was after his graduation from the Univesity of Washington and a time spent working in the oil industry in Abu Dhabi. Today, Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC Owner as the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. He is also the founder of the firm. Hussain’s DAMAC Properties has developed quite an impressive level of standing in the real estate development sector and currently ranks as the largest luxury real estate developer in the Middle East. DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is also known as an advocate for corporate responsibility as well as for his philanthropy. Hussain sponsors charitable activities that cloth needy children and he also sponsors valuable educational programs such as One Million Arab Coders.

According to, though Hussain Sajwani reached high levels of success through the high quality services he provided with his catering business, he has also always been a businessman who looks for niches that need to be filled. This led him to success during the 1990s in the accommodation industry. Hussain realized there was an area to be filled in his native Dubai. The number of business travelers that were regularly in the city presented the opportunity to provide them with accommodation. This also led Hussain towards becoming the DAMAC Owner with the establishment of DAMAC Properties during the 2002 calendar year. The organization operates as a luxury real estate development firm.

The DAMAC Foundation, DAMAC Group’s philanthropic arm has recently become heavily invested in the program called One Million Arab Coders. This is a highly valuable educational program that is designed to provide one million Arab youths with valuable skills in the area of coding. Hussain fully supports the fact that this initiative is going out of its way to promote leadership skills and to give young people the much needed change to obtain excellence. DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has always felt passionate about helping out youth. He also shows this dedication by his constant aid given to help provide needy children with clothing. Giving back to the community is also a major part of the culture of corporate responsibility that Hussain fosters at DAMAC.

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Ted Bauman’s Commitment to His Work is Undeniable

Being an investment professional, Ted Bauman is a graduate of the University of Cape Town where he graduated with postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. Having been born in Washington D.C., he relocated to South Africa to study, and that is where he started his career in fund management. After his working experience in South Africa, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, and he also works as the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. While working at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman specializes in universal migration issues considering that he once migrated to South Africa to study.

Additionally, he has a specialty in asset security and investments that do not involve a lot of risks. Before assuming his current positions, he was editor of Smart Money Alert and functioned as director in International Housing Programs. Additionally, he took up the role of consultant for the United Nations and international governments as well. With his 25 years’ experience in funding management, Ted Bauman has managed to create a positive reputation for himself hence earning trust with his clients and employers both in the writing and business world. In that case, when it comes to writing, he makes sure to address topics that interest the readers and make them understand why those subjects are of the essence in regards to their wealth well-being.

Ted Bauman appreciates the feedback he gets from those who read his articles, and he gets excited whenever they question the nature of the global economy considering that he reaches people internationally. The fact that most people seek to know and ask questions about workable financial strategies means that they believe he has an answer and they trust his judgment and advice. Irrespective of the experience that Ted Bauman has gained over the years, he has respect for all people equally whether in high positions or subordinates. He understands that everyone plays a vital role in making any plan a success and no idea should be discarded without being tried out as it could bear fruits eventually. In one of his articles, he has given tips to his readers on how to secure their wealth from an anticipated market crash. In that case, people have ideas of how to invest and where their finances are safe like in stocks and bonds or both at the same time. His contribution to the world of finance is undeniable, and therefore he deserves recognition and appreciation.

Jim Toner Has The Eye Of The Tiger

Jim Toner must have the eye of the tiger because he survived the real estate game. It is no secret that the business world can be ruthless and cutthroat. Jim Toner is no exception to that. He has experienced just how cruel and corrupt people can be and has obtained many learning lessons from it. He has written a number one Amazon best seller book and is also known for his generous character.

Jim Toner has more than a quarter of a century worth of experience in the real estate investment business and has been using the skills and knowledge that he has gained throughout the years to help others. According to, he has recently been recognized as somewhat of a business guru by many. Jim has also had some unfortunate encounters with people of less integrity in the real estate business, but that hasn’t stopped Jim from being himself.

According to Medium, Jim Toner has even been on television. At one point, he was on CNN because he was giving away some debt free homes to veterans. What a generous way to support our troops. That has to be one of the best examples of a grateful American. Although he is a fantastic businessman and a generous person, he has encountered some unfortunate circumstances.

In 2010, Jim Toner decided to leave the world of real estate investing because of the kind of people he had the unfortunate pleasure to come across. He once worked with a nationally known business “guru” that ended up screwing him over along with many of his clients. Jim had no idea of knowing that he was about to be back stabbed because the guru had been featured on FOX news and also had many successful and famous clients on his resume. There was no way that he could have seen it coming.

The so called guru ended up stealing all of Jim Toner’s money and his client’s money. That was not cool, man. However, Jim Toner has a positive outlook on life and that perspective allowed him to succeed in other ways. Jim wrote the book “Send in the Wolves” and it went to number one on Amazon. Learn more about Toner, connect with him on facebook.

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The Chainsmokers Smoke the Competition

The Chainsmokers Smoke the Competition

Since 2014, “The Chainsmokers” have been dropping top twenty hits that quickly made the group into a quintessential artist for EDM-pop fans everywhere. The duo, currently consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, has actually been active since 2012, but experienced their big break with the release of the single “#Selfie” in 2014. This initial jam, described as “life-changing” for the group by Pall, led to The Chainsmokers’ eventual pickup by Republic Records, and the release of their first EP entitled Bouquet. A series of single releases including hits such as, “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Closer,” and “Paris” then precluded the release of a second EP, and the duo’s first full length album Memories… Do Not Open in April of 2017. The album included top hits such as the aforementioned “Paris” as well as “Something Just Like This,” the latter featuring the immensely popular band Coldplay. Despite mixed reviews by critics, Memories… Do Not Open quickly jumped to the number one spot of Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart, and has continued earning that spot for 34 weeks thus far, becoming tied with Gorillaz’s Demon Days for the third most weeks in the number one spot. However, while the hype behind Demon Days has dwindled, Memories… Do Not Open still seems to be going strong, lending credence to the possibility of the platinum album beating out Demon Days for the third most weeks in the number one spot, and even potentially coming after the second and first positions. Only time will tell whether or not Memories… Do Not Open will continue in its success, as well as if The Chainsmokers’ latest EP, Sick Boy, will continue the duo’s domination of the EDM genre.